PSE E-Tac Carbon Fiber Stock Features

Posted by Joe Hein on 14th Jan 2023

PSE E-Tac Carbon Fiber Stock Features

PSE Composites currently offers three models of stocks for Tikka and Rem700 Actions, and here we will dive into some of the features of one of them- bring on the E-Tac!

Different from other manufacturers on the market, PSE molds the top and bottom inlets in the lay-up process, instead of cutting away material after a carbon shell is packed with foam. All PSE Stocks come standard with their Integrated Carbon Skeleton (ICS), which as the name indicates, is made of carbon fiber, and provides a structural support framework throughout the entirety of the stock.  The ICS connects to both the bedding area and the shell providing an extremely stiff and strong stock. 

The PSE E-Tac is offered in two versions, an Ultra-Light (UL) and a Mil-Spec Version.  The two versions of the stock are exactly the same in overall profile and both utilize the ICS system.  The Major difference is the Mil-Spec version has added weight throughout the stock to bring the weight up to a desired level appropriate for the application.  Basically, this means, customers can order their stocks with added weight to help absorb recoil, slow their hold, or steady/ reduce movement.  For our long-range/ PRS style shooters out there, you'll likely benefit from ordering a Mil-Spec version, which at the time of this writing is a special order.  The Remington 700 UL stocks come in at roughly 2lbs 2-3 oz. with 2 x Flush Cups & 1 x Sling Stud installed and are ready to accept your M5 Bottom metal.  While a fully bedded (to include the recoil lug) Tikka Stock comes in either the standard Tikka Plastic Bottom inlet or the CTR.  A Bedded Tikka E-Tac with CTR Inlet weighs roughly: 2lbs 5oz. We are selling each of the Remington 700 Stocks with a Single Rifle bedding Kit from Pro-Bed, so you can take care of the bedding job yourself, or have a local gunsmith do the work for you.

The Forend of the E-Tac is wide and flat; from the front action screw to the tip of the forend is 12.5" with a small step in the bottom line 7" from the tip.  The Forward portion of the stock rides very well on bags or barricades and is setup to accept a Harris bipod, Pic or ARCA rail.  The forend measures 2.25" wide with an angled transition from the sides to the bottom side.  The flat portion of the bottom-side measures 1.375" wide and reduces slightly at the transition roughly 7" from the tip.  

Top-line of the stock will not require special inlets to match the various action designs on the market.  Just behind the front of the Remington 700 action the top-line drops to slightly below the loading port and carries this line throughout the action area, terminating at the rear tang.  This feature reduces the need for modification at the ejection port and for some bolt-release mechanism.  Likewise, the Remington 700 stocks can be ordered with either a straight or swept bolt-notch, allowing you to match the stock to the bolt handle design of your action.

A unique pentagon shaped grip is not only comfortable, it allows for great control of the rifle in the hand.  Much like a tennis racket is designed, PSE designed their grips to index in the shooters hand which aids in consistent hand placements, and better shot execution.  Not only is the shape of the grip different from most, the overall size of the grip is smaller and better suited for controlling the rifle; the slimmer profile also allows from a variety of hand sizes to feel comfortable on the stock.

High on the grip, there is a location molded for a shooter's thumb, and a deep cut in the top-line of the grip area allows for the shooter to pick their hand position, rather than be forced to shoot with their thumb hanging out the side of a chassis. 

The bottom-line of the buttstock has 4.25" of flat nearly 1" wide for riding on a rear bag with a deep notch cut for holding/ locating the rifle in the shoulder.  

A ONE-HAND operable cheek piece allows the shooter to stay in position, and use only one-hand to raise and lower the cheek piece.  The Cheek piece is spring-loaded and clamped with a single adjustment dial which can be moved from one side to the other if the shooter prefers.  The Cheek Piece offers 1.187" of upward travel, and has a negative angle, so under recoil the cheek piece seems to fall away from the shooter face rather than force recoil into the shooter face.  This feature is also adjustable, with a slight bit of room to create a steeper or more gradual angle.  If you purchase your stock in a Shark Skin (heavily textured finish) the cheek piece is NOT coated in the same texture, so it won't grip your face- pretty nice!

Length of Pull is adjusted using PSE's molded spacer system; E-Tac stocks are shipped with one spacer installed, unless otherwise specified.  The LOP for an E-Tac with one spacer installed is: roughly 13.75" measured to the center of Curved Trigger Tech Trigger.  Additional Spacers are available at Conflux Armory, along with longer screws; each spacer is .335" thick.  

If you are running a carbon fiber wrapped barrel, and need a large barrel channel to accommodate, this stock features a straight barrel channel willing and able to accept large profile carbon wrapped or steel barrels for that matter.

The Finish of your E-Tac is completely up to you, although our standard option set calls for a Shark Skin Finish, which is extremely grippy and perfectly suited for those real hunting trips in the mountains (Shown in the images above).  If you'd rather have a stock smooth, PSE can also accommodate, or add a heavy stippling to the grip and forend.  Currently, all PSE Stocks are painted with an industrial grade DURACOAT Paint, and can be ordered in single color, speckle patterns or a variety of camo patterns.

Bottom Line: If you are considering building a light weight hunting gun, or all-around precision long-range rifle, the E-Tac is a great option.  

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