PSE Composites Stocks


PSE Composites is a Carbon Fiber Stock Manufacturer in Ireland, producing some of the lightest carbon fiber stocks on the market today.  Their Integrated Carbon Skeleton, or ICS for short, is a structural framework inside the stock.  Unlike other carbon fiber stocks, which are foam-packed carbon shells, PSE's ICS provides structural stability & strength throughout the length of the stock, including the most critical locations; Carbon Fiber Pillars are an integral piece, providing extremely light-weight, and strong bedding surfaces that are part of the ICS.

If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, let us know; PSE will customize stocks, with options such as: Paint Color, Finish (textures), Sling Swivel locations, Flush Cups, Rails, and Heavy Stocks specific for Competition.

For additional information about PSE Composites, you can visit their website: PSE Composites Website (Ireland) or feel free to use our "Contact" Page to submit an inquiry.