Action Screws Rem 700

Snowy Mountain Rifles
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Snowy Mountain Rifles action screws are 100% USA made in house in our Montana facility, and are the lightest and strongest action screws on the market. Made of either high tensile 303 stainless or Grade 5 titanium. They feature an extra deep 5/32 hex head and will withstand more than double the suggested 65-in-lb toque spec for most custom actions and stocks. Our action screws come extra long and are meant to be cut to fit for different depth stocks and actions, we also make sure to add extra threads for maximum thread engagement and strength. All of our action screws featured rolled threads, unlike tradition cut threads this ads even more strength by moving the material to create the threads, rather than cutting material away. The center section is turned down for added clearance between the screws and pillars and ads a sleek design while reducing overall weight.


What's Provided in a set:

The 2 piece set includes (1) ¼-28 x 1-1/2 and (1) ¼-28 x 1-3/4



Benchcrest, competition, precision shooting, military, law inforcement, long range hunting, F class, rugged hunting, harsh environments operations, target shooting, ultra long range, varmint hunting